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Hair Extensions – The Wonderful Benefits of the Tape-In Variety

Long tresses remain one of the beauty standards that are prevalent globally. And with the demand for long hair comes a myriad of hairdressing supplies to help you achieve this looks! From wigs to hair extensions, you are spoilt for choice if you want to increase the length of your hair. However, once you decide that you want to add artificial length to your hair, you then have to make a decision on what type of hairdressing supplies will be suited for you. For instance, wigs come in various options ranging from full-caps to lace fronts. Alternatively, hair extensions are also available as sewn-in, clip- and the tape-in variety. This piece focuses on the tape-in option and the wonderful benefits that they offer.

Quick installation 

One of the main decisions you have to make when picking out your hair extensions is how long you want to wait from them to be installed. If you are impatient and want your hair extensions immediately, then the tape-in option is one of the quickest ones available. Depending on the volume of your natural hair, these extensions can be installed anywhere from half an hour to a full hour. Therefore, if you are not intent on spending your entire day at the salon, you should consider these hair extensions.

Natural appearance

While hair extensions are popular among women no matter what their hair length, not many want other people to be aware that they are wearing hair extensions. So, if you want extensions that will seem natural and not detract from your natural hair's appearance, then you should choose the tape-in variety. Firstly, tape-in extensions are quite lightweight, which makes them comfortable to wear. Secondly, there are types of tape-in extensions made from real human hair, which will blend in with your own hair and look perfectly natural!

Limited hair damage

Another thing to keep in mind when selecting hair extensions is the potential of damage to your natural hair. There are various factors that could cause your extensions to harm your own tresses. For example, if the extensions are heavy, the weight pulls against your hair follicles and can cause thinning. Tap-in extensions are known to be one of the safest options available since they are not heavy. Furthermore, it is imperative to have a professional hair stylist tape and remove the extensions so that you do not damage the roots of your hair via improper installation and removal techniques.